The Second Innings 2.0

by Arjuni Nag

It’s a special day today as nothing like this has ever been seen in the world of humanity.

Millionaire Entrepreneur and Marketing Genius, Mr. Arjuni Nag had announced his retirement from work life at the Age of 30 a week ago and as we speak, he is currently narrating his last ever motivation speech at his school premises, from where he had started this glamourous journey of excellence.

‘Through all these years, something that I’ve learnt is that you should never stop when you’re tired, but when you are done. And today, I think I am done.’

Mr. Nag has promised to donate all his worth towards the Grassroot development in India in association with UNICEF which is estimated to impact close to 2.5 Million children per year.

His early life was filled with a lot of learnings and practical experiences as he started his professional life at the age of 18. A promising marketing personnel and digital marketer was his tag when he started off. He explored into Brand Consulting and meanwhile building up his own business empire. Currently he is financially invested with most of the biggest startups in India including a few of his own.

This bizzare decision of taking a retirement at this age comes from his childhood wish of travelling for the rest of his life. He has plans that he will never come back home after he leaves today.

‘Too soon to have retired’ – mostly all his colleagues and his followers has this one statement for him.

There was a recent revolt after this news came out, as his fans got impatient about his upcoming life and how would they be able to follow him. To answer that, Mr. Nag has released a brand new blog called ‘secondinnings.com – The world through my eyes‘- where he has promised to write down his life in his adventurous second innings.

His fans and all his well wishers are waiting eagerly to involve themselves into a virtual tour as he travels around the world for the rest of his life.  

Today as he steps down from the aisle, the world will never be the same anymore.

When asked, ‘what message do you have for those millions of your fans before signing off?’

He replied, My friends, always try to enjoy the journey, you’ll never worry about the destination.’ – and walked down the aisle while huge applauds broke the silence of the room.

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